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Established in 1968 the Northern To-Ken Society promotes the study and preservation of Japanese Arms and Armour in the North of the UK.

The 8th NBSK Craftsmen's Competition 2017 Results

Congratulations to our member Graham Hanley who wasawarded nyusen for his entry in the tosogu section of the 8th NBSK craftsmen competition.

Full results provided with thanks to Paul Martin of the Japanese Sword.


Swordmaking Section

The Keizai Sangyo Daijin Award (Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry):

Kamiyama Yozo (Teruhira)

NBSK Chairman's Award:

Kubo Yoshihiro

Gold prize 1st Seat: Myochin Yusuke (Munehiro)

Gold Prize 2nd Seat: Nezu Kei (Hidehira)

Gold Prize 3rd Seat: Kawachi Ippei

Silver prize 1st Seat: Sasaki Naohiko (Taneshige)

Silver prize 2nd Seat: Matsukawa Takashi

Bronze prize 1st Seat: Manzoku Koji


Sato Toshimi

Yoshida Masaya

Horimono Section

The Nagano Prefectural Governor's Award:

Kinoshita Munenori


Katayama Shigetsune

Sword Polishing Section

NBSK Chairman's Award:

Morii Tetsutaro

Shinano Mainichi Shinbun Award: Tamaki Joji

Gold prize 1st Seat: Hon'ami Masao

Gold prize 2nd Seat: Abe Soichiro

Gold prize 3rd Seat: Hon'ami Takeshi

Gold prize 4th Seat: Kurashima Kazu

Gold prize 5th Seat: Sugano Seiji

Gold prize 6th Seat: Fujikawa Jiro

Silver prize 1st Seat: Ono Takahiro

Silver prize 2nd Seat: Ogawa Kazuhiro Sagara Yuichi

Silver prize 3rd Seat: Yonekawa Yuji

Silver prize 4th Seat: Akita Yuki

Bronze prize 1st Seat: Sekiyama Kazumichi

Bronze prize 2nd Seat: Mizuta Yoshimasa


Takeuchi Kazu

Masaumi Ario

Matsuo Kiyotake

Tosogu Section:

The Sasaki Village Board of Education Chairman’s Award:

Kevin Adams (Canada)

Gold Prize 2nd Seat: Fukuyo Hirotake

Silver Prize 1st Seat: Nagauchi Katsuyoshi

Silver Prize 2nd Seat: Kawakami Noburu

Bronze Prize 1st Seat: Ishii Narumichi


Ikeda Shoryu, Urakami Haruko, Onda Hidehito, Graham Hanley (UK), Kobayashi Kyoka, Mizutanigawa Motosen

Shirogane Section:

Sakaki Mayor's Award: Matsumoto Yutaka

Gold Prize 2nd Seat: Hirata Minoru

Silver prize 1st Seat: Sugiyama Hideaki


Noguchi Sukehiro

Shirasaya Section:

NBSK Chairman's Award:

Mori Takahiro

Gold prize 2nd Seat: Morii Atsuhiro

Silver Prize 1st Seat: Yoshikawa Kazuyuki


Ishikawa Masao

Tsukamaki Section:

Gold prize 1st Seat: Sasahara Yoshiyuki

Silver prize 1st Seat: Hirai Shigeharu


Alex Krupp (USA)

Kuroda Tsutomu

Koshirae Section:

Silver Prize 1st Seat: Morii Atsuhiro

Bronze prize 1st Seat: Kuwano Toshiro

Saya-nuri Section:

Silver Prize 1st Seat: Koyama Mitsuhide


Michael Cummins (Australia)

Sword Oshigata Art Section:

Award for Excellence 1st Seat: Nagatsu Yoshisuke

Award for Excellence 2nd Seat: Miura Hirotaka

Award for Excellence 3rd Seat: Tamaki Joji

Commendation Award 1st Seat: Abe Soichiro

Commendation Award 2nd Seat: Sekiyama Kazumichi


Oka Masashi

Seshimo Masahiko

Fujikawa Jiro

Restoration Services

On behalf of Paul Martin of the Japanese Sword:

Polishing, Restoration and Shinsa Service in Japan.

Some of you may not know that we also provide a gateway to the above services in Japan. We have a wide range of fully trained traditional craftsmen on our books, from just graduated, to prize winners, right through to officially recognised Master Craftsmen (Mukansa) in all aspects of blade and koshirae restoration, as well as new commissions of blades, fittings and koshirae.

Prices may not be as high as you think, and our craftsmen only provide the most conservative restorations. We don't provide per cm/inch quotations as your blade may not require that level of work, so in order to get you the best estimate possible, we always try to show the craftsmen in hand.

Also, our craftsmen can do partial repairs, that is matching in a certain section of polish with the rest of the blade if you have an unfortunate scratch or unsightly bit of oxidising but the rest of the blade is fine.

Our admin fees for the service are the lowest in the market, but our craftsmen are of the highest caliber.

We do not focus all our work on a single craftsman. We try to match our customers needs with a suitable craftsman.

We look forward to restoring and submitting your Treasured swords, koshirae and fittings to shinsa for you in 2017. We can also submit your entries to either of the National Craftsmen's competitions here too (subject to group's regulations).

Just search around on the Japanese groups and forums for our reviews.

For more information contact Paul on:



Fair Dates for 2017

Dates for fairs which the society normally attends are as follows:

Stockport: 14th January, 6th May, 23rd September (there is a query about this last date which will be clarified later.)

Birmingham International: 19th February, 18th June, 17th September, 19th November.

Other Fairs:

Liverpool: 8th January, 12th March, 25th June, 24th September, 26th November.

Bolton: 4th February, 1st April.

Leeds (Pudsey): 12th February, 9th April, 9th July, 15th October, 10th December.

Further information on the fairs and the locations of the venues can be found on the websites listed below:




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